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Built in 1909, Toshiharu Ryokan, is an old traditional "town house" styled hotel. Our customers say, "Toshiharu Ryokan is a place where it is truly quiet and appeasing, despite the location in the city-center". The courtyard that lights up in the evening is well-ventilated with plenty of sunlight, creating a healing space with lush greenery. Make yourself at home while enjoying your view from our Tatami room.

historical landmarks

Our main building, as well as storehouse, is one of the nation's registered tangible cultural properties. The walls are one of the city's registered historical landmarks.

The main building is retracted somewhat in the back and is a so-called "private house" with tall walls. The walls have elative windows that give character to the walls. The eaves are crowned with curved, bark-covered cedar shingles, employing traditional materials.
When viewing the latticework from the inside, the view is just like that of a traditional tea-ceremony room. In addition, a door pocket is built in the lower part of the inner-window where you can slide up to lock the sliding shutters that are elaborately crafted.

Registered Tangible Cultural Property

Registered Tangible Cultural Property

The entire two-story gabledroof building, a portion ofthe two-story main gableduilding and storehouse.




A single large glass and unusual shaped trees are used in the interior of the main building, bringing out the traditional Japanese town house and modern elements together.A storehouse features a plastered upper door in a Japanese shrine gate style.


It will be our pleasure to make your trip memorable,
together with our personalized hospitality service,
one you likely have never experienced before.

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While Kyoto is replete with many hotels, customers who choose us, seek to experience an authentic hotel during their stay in Japan. This building was carefully handed down from my grandmother to my mother, and finally to me. We have repeat customers who say they can truly relax with ease.
It is one of my pleasures speaking to customers and hearing their various stories. We offer the ultimate in service, comfort and traditional style. I personally do the flower arrangements and choose the decoration pieces in each room in hopes of creating a memorable stay for every guest. I devote myself each day to ensure that Toshiharu Ryokan will continue to be loved and known as the most relaxing hotel. We look forward to your stay.

General Manager Takako Tamagaki



3 min. walk from Gojo station / subway line
5 min. walk from Shijo station / subway line
5 min. walk from Shijokarasuma station / Hankyu Railway

10 min. ride by taxi from JR Kyoto station